Glenn Wendel


Hometown: Hendersonville, TN
Home Center: Pro Bowl West
Birthday: 12/23/1964

I have been involved with bowling for many years as a Player, Pro Shop Employee,  Pro Shop Owner and Distributor Sales Rep. Along the way I have been fortunate to make friends with some great people as well as gaining my PBA Status and Bronze Level Coaching Certification.  One of my Proudest Moments was to be given the opportunity to represent Motiv as a Staff Player. Motiv has helped me improve my game and the scores of my customers.

Throws: Right Handed
Ball Speed: 18 MPH
Rev Rate: 250
High Series: 804
300 Games: 20
800 Series: 2


  • Cashed 6 out of 6 times in Hoinke Super Classic. Highest finish in top 32 out of 1200. 
  • Cashed every year bowled at ABC/USBC Nationals.
  • First Place in Pocket Shot Scratch tournament in Asheboro, NC.
  • Second Place in Ocoee Scratch Shootout, SC.
  • First Place NABI tournament in Nashville, Tn.
  • First Place in City tournament in Scratch Singles and all events.
  • First place in city tournament in Doubles 

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