A Must-Have Ball in Every Arsenal!

MOTIV® National PBA® Tour superstar, EJ Tackett, is also a pro shop operator and there is one ball that he recommends for every bowler – the Venom™ Shock.  This ball is the ultimate benchmark bowling ball and bowlers can build an entire arsenal around it. 

EJ said, “Every time I have a league bowler come to me and ask me, ‘which balls from the MOTIV® line should I get’, this is the first ball that I tell them about because it is the most versatile.” 

The Venom™ Shock is designed for light-medium oil patterns and provides a smooth yet angular backend motion that strikes with devastating continuation.  Over the past 8 years that the Venom™ Shock has been in the MOTIV® lineup, it has become the go-to ball for competitive bowlers and is one of the most-recommended balls by pro shop operators across the world.  

"I take this ball to every tournament that I bowl. I don't go anywhere without it!"  said EJ Tackett.  Having the Venom™ Shock in the bag is certainly a must for any MOTIVated bowler and it is a great place to begin if you are new to the MOTIV® product line.  This "rock" is a solid foundation for any arsenal.   As you expand your arsenal with other performance targets around the Venom™ Shock, be sure to utilize the MOTIV® Ball Guide.  It's a great tool to help you understand how the various bowling balls compare to one another.  

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