Best Pearl Reactive Bowling Balls


These MOTIV® pearl reactive bowling balls below are some of the most advanced, angular pieces of equipment on the market today.  Pearl balls are typically highly polished and are best suited for use on broken down oil patterns.  Polished pearl cover stocks come alive when they encounter friction.  If you are building a MOTIV® arsenal, please check out our Ball Guide.  We’ve created it to help simply the decision making process.  


The Sky Raptor™ represents the strongest and most angular pearl ball that MOTIV has made to date!  Featuring an upgraded version of the cover found on the Iron Forge, Dynamic Infusion™ pearl reactive technology, the Sky Raptor™ is specifically designed to create a stronger downlane motion in heavier oil environments than previously possible.  You can have confidence that the Sky Raptor™ will clear the front of the lanes with ease and come screeching back with speed to attack the pocket.   

Ripcord Launch

One of the most important balls in any bowler’s bag is an angular “skid-flip” polished ball for medium oil.  One that gets through the front part of the lane with ease and lunges toward the pocket when it hits friction on the backend.  The Ripcord Launch is a gorgeous pearl that nails that performance target perfectly.  Utilizing Propulsion MVP Pearl Reactive cover technology and the symmetrical Torx V2 core, the Ripcord Launch provides a very powerful down-lane shape and impressive backend hitting power on medium oil patterns that begin to break down.    


When you encounter even more friction, you’ll want to ball-down to the Fatal Venom™.  This pearl is somewhat special because it was designed to provide a slightly more controlled motion on the backend.  Sometimes polished pearls can be so violent in high friction environments that they are difficult to control.  The Fatal Venom™ features the same fast-revving Gear™ core as the Venom™ Shock, but a cleaner Infusion™ Pearl Reactive cover stock. Another special feature of the Fatal Venom™…this ball turns heads! It has a very distinctive look. 


The Top Thrill takes high friction performance to a new level!  Developed as a dry lane complement to the Infusion reactive cover, the Turmoil XP  shell provides as much down lane shape with less traction in the oil to allow for use on dry lanes.  Paired with the Halogen V2 core, the Top Thrill is uniquely suited for dry lanes, but with a strong enough core to allow for more angles of play and significantly more versatility in drilling options. 


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