Best Year of the Century

The recent Player of the Year announcement has thrust EJ Tackett into the annals of bowling greatness, marking one of the most mind-blowing seasons in the sport's history! What EJ did this season in 16 tour stops, each one a battleground of intensity at the highest echelon of competition, is hard to fathom.

Let's dive into the sheer spectacle of EJ's 2023 season:

Player of the Year Triumph: EJ clinched the PBA Player of the Year title with a jaw-dropping 82.5% of the vote, a whopping 75% higher than any other contender. Even with the phenomenal Anthony Simonsen in the mix, EJ's dominance was undeniable. Also winning Player of the Year in 2016, this was his second Player of the Year award, a feat achieved by only 12 bowling legends in history.

Points Maestro: EJ didn't just bag the points title; he obliterated records, amassing more points than any player since the inception of the tiered points system on the PBA Tour. He also clinched the Classic Series point championship with two wins during the abbreviated points swing.

High Average: For the second straight year, Tackett carried the highest average for the PBA Tour season.  In a sport where every single pin is critical, EJ averaged over 227, which was two pins better than anyone else on tour. 

Earnings Extraordinaire: EJ wasn't just bowling strikes; he was raking in cash. Leading tour earnings by over $100k, he closed the year at a historic $458,450—the second-highest season total in PBA history and the highest for a player whose highest single check was a cool $100k.

Major Mic Drop: When the lights shone brightest, EJ outshone them all. At four of the five PBA Tour majors, he stood as the tournament leader. Qualifying? Dominated. EJ was the tournament leader at four of the five PBA Tour Majors.  Titles? Two (US Open and World Championship) including a second-place finish (TOC), and a fifth-place spot (Players Championship). It was major domination at its finest.

Winning Ways: In just 16 events, EJ clinched victory five times—a feat untouched by any player in the 21st century. Starting strong with wins at the US Open, Shawnee Classic, and Jackson Classic, he didn't ease off the gas pedal, finishing the season with a breathtaking World Series of Bowling, where he had finishes of 1st (World Championship), 1st (Cheetah Championship), 2nd (Scorpion Championship), and 9th (Shark Championship). 

Consistent Brilliance: EJ's not just a flash in the pan. With five top finishes in 16 events, he graced the top three a staggering 10 times. EJ never slipped outside the top 3 for more than two events in a row, a consistency that puts him in a league of his own.  To put that into perspective, only eight players cashed as many times in 2023 as EJ Tackett finished in the top 3. 

Legendary Status: In 2023, EJ etched his name in the bowling pantheon. A two-time Player of the Year, the ninth Triple Crown winner in PBA history, the youngest player to 21 titles, and the 13th winningest player of all time (behind Marshall Holman)—Tackett continues to distinguish himself amongst the greatest to ever throw a bowling ball. And did we mention he casually tossed a perfect 300 at the PBA Super Slam semifinal?

We are so proud of EJ Tackett and all his accomplishments.  We are even more proud to say that every shot that EJ has thrown as a PBA Member on the national tour has been with a Motiv bowling ball.  Congratulations, EJ, and best of luck in the upcoming 2024 season.


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