Coverstock Diluents

There are certain chemicals that can be added to the coverstock formulation called diluents.  These chemicals' sole purpose is to increase urethane volume in order to decrease the cost of the coverstock.  But how do these fillers affect the coverstock performance?

Our research has shown that diluents in coverstocks cause the following:
1. Deterioration of performance in under 100 games.
2. Larger changes to coverstock hardness.
3. Reduction in resurfacing effectiveness.
4. Inability to revive the coverstock effectively.

At MOTIV, we guarantee that we will never use any dilution additives in our coverstocks.  Every additive or ingredient in a MOTIV coverstock is there strictly to create a better performing bowling ball.  By not diluting our covers, we've found that our equipment will last longer, maintain performance levels at a higher rate, and the covers have the ability to revive performance to like-new with resurfacing.


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