Don't Settle for Less

At MOTIV, you get what you pay for.  We go to extensive lengths to ensure that every product that makes it to the bowler is our best possible offering.  We've invested heavily in manufacturing, engineering, and R&D processes to provide premier equipment.  You can be confident that you are getting a premium product, and you should not settle for less.

No Generic Cores:
We do not use any generic cores in any of our balls, AT ANY WEIGHT!  You will find the same core design used across all weights.  This includes weights all the way down to 10 lbs.

Expect Accuracy:
Extensive testing goes into every single ball before it makes it in the box.  You can be confident that the hardness, finish, CG, Mass Bias, and all other specs are correct on your ball.  This is vastly important.  If your ball's specs are marked incorrectly, the ball drilling cannot be accurate.  The result will be a ball that does not perform as intended due to the misalignment of the core and drilling.

Designed with Purpose:
Every ball in our line is designed to fill a specific need, to fill a gap or upgrade performance in certain areas.  We do not just put a popular cover on a popular core and release it.  Extensive R&D goes into every single cover formulation to ensure that it fits in our line exactly where it is supposed to.  We also do not release balls for the sole purpose of having a new release.  There are no "filler" balls.  We are always pushing the boundaries of our technology to create new and exciting releases to upgrade our product line.

The goal at MOTIV has always been to produce the most complete line under a single brand.  We offer a vast spectrum of bowling balls in our product line, for heavy to light oil volumes and from angular to smooth motions.  A great resource to visualize this lineup is our Ball Guide! We want you, the bowler, to be confident that you can battle any conditions on the lanes that you may face.

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