Iron Forge - Biggest Backend Ever!

The bowling ball with the biggest backend ever, according to Bowling This Month, is the Iron Forge with a 18.8 rating!    

Some bowlers have the perception that MOTIV® makes the best solid balls in the game, but they can't wrap their mind around the idea that we make some of the best pearls too. Reality...we do!

When the MOTIV® Primal Rage was released several years ago, that ball was given the highest backend rating of all time. And now, the Iron Forge!!!

Our goal from day one has been to provide incredible performance and ball motion diversity under the MOTIV® brand, and we have. We provide a wide variety of core designs and a number of unique cover stocks to deliver a complete arsenal.  

If you haven't been taking a serious look at the MOTIV® brand previously, it's time. #MOTIVNATION

Read the full Iron Forge review by Bowling This Month here.  Or, to use their ball comparison table to rank balls by backend, click here. You will need to have a login for the website to view full details.

How To Build A Ball Arsenal

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