MAJOR Accomplishments

“It just seems like the longer the format, the better I finish.  It might be my focus or my determination.  I know it’s not because I’m good.” The always humble Tom Smallwood is back on the scene for another PBA Major televised final.  Smallwood finds himself in a unique position, seeking a third major title.  What is even more remarkable is that Smallwood possesses more majors than standard championships.  “I think it helps that it’s never been about the money for me.  I love what I do and it’s a way to provide for my family.”  This unique perspective clearly helps to set Smallwood apart on the largest stage. 

Since signing with MOTIV®, “Smallz” has made an astounding 5 television shows (4 PBA Playoff broadcasts, finishing 3-4) and with a win this weekend, would make it 6 in just a few short months.  The run with MOTIV® started with a fifth place finish on Chameleon, was followed by a third place finish at the PBA Playoffs, and continues now with pursuit of another incredible finish at the PBA Players Championship.

Obviously, the question is, what has made the transition to MOTIV® so easy and successful?  Smallwood said, “Honestly, it’s a lot of things.  First, the balls are just on another level.  I have never had so many options.”  The proof of this comes, besides in success across multiple events, with his domination at the PBA Players Central Region qualifying event.  “There were four patterns used and I felt comfortable the whole time because I always had options.  The Tank line bailed me out on fresh for the first three patterns and that Purple urethane was amazing in transition.” 

Look for Tom Smallwood on February 21 on Fox when he competes for the $250,000 Players Championship Title.

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