Retain Hitting Power With The Overload™ Core

The Overload™ core is a very special design that exemplifies MOTIV’s commitment to innovative engineering.  It gives ball drillers the ability to control energy retention like never before.  On the Evoke bowling ball, which features an incredibly strong solid cover, this is vital. 

Strong drilling layouts boost RG differential so ball drillers need to be careful using them on the already-strong solid balls that feature a high undrilled differential, like the Jackal Ambush.  A strong drilling will push the maximum differential way over .060, which creates massive track flare and expends considerable energy.  While this could be a great layout for a speed-dominant bowler, rev-dominant and balanced bowlers could see lazy ball motion.  So, it’s critical that the ball driller knows the bowler’s style before drilling. 

The Overload core makes the Evoke quite different.  It’s special because it gives ball drillers more forgiveness and retains more energy naturally.  For example, while a 50°x5”x35° layout with the smaller VAL angle increases the maximum differential on a 15# Jackal Ghost by nearly 20%, the same layout on the 15# Evoke results in just a 12% increase.  The drilling still boosts differential, but in a more controlled manner, which is what you want on this strong Evoke solid to enable a wider array of balanced bowlers to take full advantage of it.  

The Overload is also special because it is the first core MOTIV® has ever introduced that enables ball drillers to REDUCE differential with weaker layouts.  For higher rev bowlers, this creates push and maximizes energy retention.  For example, while a 45°x5.75”x65° layout with the larger VAL angle increases the 15# Jackal Ghost maximum differential by 8%, that same layout actually DECREASES the 15# Evoke differential by 6%!  This allows ball drillers to put the Evoke into the hands of higher rev bowlers who wouldn’t usually consider a strong solid like this an option.                 

Because of the new Overload core, the Evoke is a much more versatile ball than one would expect. Strong solids are always a natural for speed-dominant bowlers, but balanced and rev-dominant bowlers will be able to fully utilize the Evoke as well.  Balanced bowlers will be able to stay in it longer than expected before making a ball change, and higher rev bowlers can now diversify their arsenal with a super-strong solid cover that they can actually use.   


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