Unparalleled Success

On January 18 the Jackal™ Ghost turned four years old.  In modern bowling terms, this is pretty astounding for any bowling ball.  Most balls exist for 12-18 months and are then discontinued and forgotten.  The longevity of the Ghost is obscured a bit by the Venom™ Shock, MOTIV’s longest running ball.  The Shock turned seven this past February.  However, after four years, the Jackal™ Ghost has a spot in the bowling industry to itself.  The MOTIV® Jackal™ Ghost is the longest running asymmetrical bowling ball in the world that is still on the market.

The story of the Jackal™ Ghost is a special one; it’s a story of triumph over adversity.  Following the Jackal controversy of 2015, there was debate regarding whether or not to discontinue the entire line and start a different high performance label for MOTIV®.  Ultimately, what made the most sense was to prove that MOTIV® could still make incredible products with the Predator™ core shape.  Prove that, we did, with a Jackal™ that outperformed all of its predecessors and sent a clear message to the bowling world that MOTIV® is here to stay. 

Today, the Jackal™ Ghost and Venom™ Shock continue to dominate as the greatest examples of benchmark bowling balls in the sport.  Despite changing environments and an evolving sport, the Ghost and Shock continue to prove that a great coverstock paired with a proven core never gets old.

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