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In the early 1990's, bowling ball design was revolutionized by technology that enabled a high performance core to 'steer' the ball down the lane. From the beginning of this revolution, we manufactured high performance cores for one of the industry leaders. Over the years, we perfected manufacturing operations and developed a tremendous knowledgebase through the production of millions of bowling ball cores.

In recent years, the customer for these high performance cores decided to move bowling ball production outside US borders. This decision forced us to utilize our skill and knowledge in a different capacity. The most logical, and exciting, opportunity was to bring bowling ball production back to Muskegon, Michigan and launch a new brand - MOTIV®.  Made in the U.S.A.

In 2007, we initiated the new bowling ball project and began research and development. But the goal was not just to launch another bowling ball. "We knew we could offer top performance", stated Scott Wilbur, President of MOTIV® Bowling. "We have been manufacturing top quality high performance bowling equipment for years. But, we wanted also to offer something new to the industry that would set the MOTIV® brand apart from the competition".

Success! After several months of R&D, our engineering team at MOTIV® was able to transform a revolutionary concept for bowling ball graphics into a reality - NeoMark™.  Our patented NeoMark™ graphics technology allows us to integrate multi-color graphics with the bowling ball cover stock, eliminating the need for engraving.  

This new technology not only provides visually distinctive logos, but also gives MOTIV® bowling balls improved performance. They are highly resistant to cracking and chipping and wear just like the cover stock because they ARE cover stock. The most notable advantage of NeoMark™ graphics is that they allow the bowling ball to maintain consistent reaction down the lane even as the track area passes over them.

NeoMark™ graphics are just the beginning for MOTIV®.  Performance is king and our creative engineering team is always working very hard to give you the absolute best.  One of our goals is to provide bowlers with one of the most complete lines available from a single brand. Refer to our Ball Guide to see the various performance options we have available.

In 2012, our commitment to high performance was recognized by the readers of Bowling This Month magazine.  MOTIV® bowling balls won 1st place in every single performance category, beating all the other brands in the business.  The voters were highly competitive tournament bowlers that have experience with many different brands.  The fact that they rated MOTIV® performance so highly says a great deal!   

It's time to get MOTIVated!

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