Drilling Layout Tips

If you are looking for tips on a ball drilling layout, please use this form. It will ensure that we have the information we need to help you. When you click submit, this information will be sent to a member of our technical team and they will email you a reply. It is very important to remember that your local pro shop is your best resource for this type of information, but we are happy to give you some ideas to help.

  • Left or Right Handed?

  • One or Two Handed?

  • Do you use your thumb?

  • Average?

  • Ball Weight?

  • Ball Speed on Release (MPH)?

  • Rev Rate (RPM)?

  • Positive Axis Point (P.A.P.)?

  • Axis Tilt?

  • Axis Rotation?

  • Lane Condition?

  • Name

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  • Comments

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