Athlete Profile

Dick Allen

  • Home Town: Columbia, SC
  • Throws: Right Handed
  • 300 Games: 17
  • 800 Series: 877
  • Career National Titles: 3
  • Career Regional Titles: 18
  • Ball Speed: 16 mph
  • Rev Rate: 350 rpm

I started bowling at age 6 in Colorado Springs, Co at King Pin Lanes.  I now reside in Columbia, SC where I met my wife Sarah, who is also a bowler.  Everything and everyone I know, bowling has given me.  I bleed liquid urethane.  I do enjoy golfing, maybe too much.  Thanks Dad...and Tiger.  New York Giants fan.  Time spent with the children is the rest of the story really.          



  • 3rd Place at the Roth/Holman Doubles Event


  • 9th Place at the Chameleon Championship


  • 4th Place at the Xtra Frame Iowa Midwest Open
  • PBA League Elias Cup Champion with the Bass Pro Shops Silver Lake Atom Splitters
  • 4th Place in the PBA Bear Open