Disk Shammy

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  • Premium leather construction.
  • Highly absorbent shammy removes oil to maximize ball performance.
  • 6" Disk design is easier to hold.
  • Packaged in a zip-lock bag.
  • Hand wash and air dry.
  • Color
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  1. 05/02/2023
    Product Disk Shammy
    From Derry, PA
    About Me Amateur bowler with interest in competing and growing my game.
    Rating 5.0
    A must in my pre-shot routine

    The disk shammy has definitely been a big factor in my preshot routine. I never really wiped my balls down before shots, then I started using a towel but when I finally got a disk shammy I really have seen a difference in my shots throughout a game as compared to previously when I would wipe down my balls. Its compact size fits well in my hands and it's easy to slip in my pocket between shots. Definitely a great item to have in your bag for a minimal price.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  2. 03/11/2023
    Product Disk Shammy
    From Baltimore, Maryland
    About Me I love the Motiv brand and everything they stand for! I am always pushing to be motivational to others so the get motivated slogan just fits right into my lifestyle! I haven't been disappointed yet by Motiv or a Motiv product yet, and don't expect to be!
    Rating 5.0
    Perfect Sized Shammy

    This is my favorite and go-to ball wipe before every shot!

    Perfect size to fit right in the palm of the hand for a quick and clean wipe!

    Love the color options as well!

    Will be picking up another one soon!

    I would recommend this to a friend

  3. 01/18/2023
    Product Disk Shammy
    From Holly, MI
    About Me 190 avg, league bowler, JV Coach
    Rating 5.0
    I have wasted time with towels

    Part of my pre-shot routine has always been wiping down my ball. I initially had a small towel that came with my first ball (back when pro shops threw a towel in with a ball purchase). I later upgraded to a Motiv towel which was better than the free towels but I never knew how much I was leaving on my ball until I got a disk shammy. It makes a huge difference. I bought an extra for my JV team to use since they had towels and micro fiber pads, both far inferior to this shammy.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  4. 05/11/2022
    Product Disk Shammy
    From Goshen, IN
    About Me 2 handed bowler, throw 14# and can’t get enough of motiv.
    Rating 5.0
    Disk Shammy

    Outstanding! I have never used a shammy that works as well as the discs from Motiv. They get more than just oil off my ball! They have excellent grip and insane cleanliness. Will always have a spot in my bag! No other shammy stands a chance.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  5. 05/08/2022
    Product Disk Shammy
    From Severn, MD
    Rating 5.0
    Great shammy and love the color options

    I have bought quite a few of these over the last couple years. They work well, hold up great and look fantastic. I also like the fact that they are different colors from what other people usually use to wipe off their bowling balls so it's easy to tell which shammy is mine without having to write my name on it or something. I'll probably be buying a few more of these when fall comes back around.

    I would recommend this to a friend

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