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Every MOTIV core is engineered for a specific ball motion and lane condition.  Each is designed for a purpose.    

The new Jackal, releasing October 22nd, features the Predator asymmetric core design.  Created for heavy oil, the Jackal needed to be powered with a core that would rev fast and produce huge track flare, and that's exactly what the Predator core provides.  The low RG makes it easy to rev and the asymmetry boosts track flare potential.   

At the opposite end of the performance spectrum is the Ascent ball featuring the Recon core.  It was built for entry level performance on light oil conditions.  The Recon core has the highest RG and lowest differential of any performance ball in our line up.  

To fully understand how our core designs help create great ball motion diversity, please view our MOTIV Ball Guide.  Click each ball to see details, including the core design featured.  

As you explore the MOTIV Ball Guide, notice that our product line is organized by oil condition and ball motion. Lower RG cores are used for smoother motion and higher RG cores for a more angular motion.  RG Differential is utilized to tune the track flare potential of each bowling ball.  Cores that produce a higher differential are used for heavier oil and low differential cores for lighter oil.  

So as you can see, we offer a number of core designs to modify performance and provide the ball motion you need for any condition.  Each is truly designed for a purpose.  

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