Dick Allen


Hometown: Columbia, SC
Home Center:  Beltline Lanes
Throws:  Right Handed
Ball Speed:  16 mph
Rev Rate:  350 rpm
PAP: 3 5/8"  |  3/4" up
300 Games:  17
High Series:  877
Tour Titles:  7
Regional Titles:  27

I started bowling at age 6 in Colorado Springs, Co at King Pin Lanes.  I now reside in Columbia, SC where I met my wife Sarah, who is also a bowler.  Everything and everyone I know, bowling has given me.  I bleed liquid urethane.  I do enjoy golfing, maybe too much.  Thanks Dad...and Tiger.  New York Giants fan.  Time spent with the children is the rest of the story really.



  • 1st Place PBA Cheetah Championship
  • 1st Place PBA Lubbock Open


  • 1st Place of the PBA Xtra Frame Maine Shootout


  • 1st Place PBA Xtra Frame Chesapeake Open
  • 3rd Place at the Roth/Holman Doubles Event


  • 9th Place at the Chameleon Championship


  • 4th Place at the Xtra Frame Iowa Midwest Open
  • PBA League Elias Cup Champion with the Bass Pro Shops Silver Lake Atom Splitters
  • 4th Place in the PBA Bear Open

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