Venom Shock 10 Year

In the world of bowling, where innovation is the name of the game, few bowling balls have achieved the level of enduring success and admiration as the MOTIV® Venom™ Shock. As we celebrate its remarkable 10-year anniversary, it's time to reflect on the impact this iconic bowling ball has had on the sport and the countless achievements it has facilitated for bowlers around the globe.

Since its introduction a decade ago, the Venom Shock has defied industry norms, standing the test of time in a market where products come and go with the seasons. While most bowling balls are retired from production within a couple of years, the Venom Shock has remained a staple in the MOTIV product line, captivating bowlers with its exceptional performance and reliability.

What sets the Venom Shock apart from its counterparts is its timeless performance. Designed to provide easy revs and powerful backend motion on moderate oil conditions, this ball delivers unparalleled continuation and reliability, making it a favorite among both league bowlers and competitive athletes alike. Its versatility allows bowlers of all skill levels to take full advantage of its capabilities.

One of the most notable milestones in the Venom Shock's illustrious journey is its widespread adoption by professional bowlers, including none other than one of the best bowlers the world has ever seen, EJ Tackett. Tackett's endorsement of the Venom Shock speaks volumes about its caliber, as he has showcased its prowess on numerous television appearances, solidifying its reputation as a go-to choice for elite competitors.

But beyond its professional accolades, the Venom Shock has become a symbol of excellence and achievement for bowlers at every level. From league champions to weekend warriors, its impact transcends boundaries, inspiring bowlers to push their limits and reach new heights of success on the lanes.

Instantly recognizable among bowlers of all levels, the Venom Shock's distinctive design not only sets it apart from the competition but also serves as a symbol of excellence and achievement. Whether it's gracing the lanes of a local bowling center or making an appearance on the professional tour, the Venom Shock's bold aesthetic leaves a lasting impression, further solidifying its status as a legendary bowling ball.

As we celebrate 10 years of dominance, it's clear that the MOTIV Venom Shock is more than just another bowling ball. Here's to another decade of strikes and unforgettable moments with the legendary Venom Shock.

Notable PBA Victories with the Venom Shock

1. 2023 US Open - EJ Tackett 

2. 2023 PBA World Championship - EJ Tackett 

3. 2019 Cheetah Championship - Dick Allen 

4. 2019 Lubbock Open - Dick Allen

5. 2023 Shawnee Classic - EJ Tackett


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