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  • If you could drill up any MOTIV ball, which would you choose? 🤔 #GETMOTIVATED173View on Instagram
  • EJ Tackett has won the all-events gold medal at the 2018 World Bowling Men's Championship! #GETMOTIVATED 🏅🔥🔥🔥9View on Instagram
  • EJ Tackett and team USA take gold in trios at the 2018 World Bowling Men’s Championships! #GETMOTIVATED11View on Instagram
  • EJ Tackett, Andrew Anderson, and Kyle Troup have advanced to the medal round in trios at the 2018 World Bowling Championships! #GETMOTIVATED 🏅View on Instagram
  • Today, we are especially thankful! This year marks the 10 year anniversary of MOTIV Bowling. We would like to thank the entire MOTIVNation for your support over the past 10 years. From our family to yours, happy Thanksgiving! 🦃 #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • Have you picked up a Villain Scorn yet? ☠️😈 #GETMOTIVATED12View on Instagram
  • Have you drilled a Trident Abyss? Leave a review in the comments below! 🌊🔱#GETMOTIVATED38View on Instagram
  • “It's absolutely amazing on those high volume, longer patterns. It's just going to eat right through the oil.” – EJ Tackett
    See the Trident Abyss in the hands of EJ Tackett, Graham Fach, and Mikey Schlabach! #GETMOTIVATED
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  • Drilled up this gem today! 💎 #GETMOTIVATED #Throwback #tbt12View on Instagram
  • "It doesn't matter what surface you have on this ball, it will always continue through the pins." Watch Graham Fach throwing the new Rogue Blade! 🔥#GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • We would like to congratulate Ryan Ciminelli on winning the PBA Angola Central/Midwest Open! Ryan is pictured here with his wife Chelsie and his son Jaxon! This is Ryan's 12th PBA Title! #GETMOTIVATED14View on Instagram
  • One of the most trusted cores in bowling is now being combined with a groundbreaking new cover in the Rogue Blade. Available 8-22, this strong, angular weapon for medium oil slices through the competition. The Rogue Blade masterfully combines outstanding control in the mid-lane with a powerful response down lane! #GETMOTIVATED
    Click the link in our profile to see more
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  • The Hydra has now been released world-wide for a week! Have you had a chance to throw it? Let us know what you think! #GETMOTIVATED21View on Instagram
  • Congratulations to Pontus Andersson on winning the San Marino Open! This is his second EBT Title! #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • Today is day one at the US Women’s Open! Good luck ladies! #TeamMOTIV #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • 300 game for Sean Lavery-Spahr at the PBA Lubbock Open throwing the Combat Tank! #GETMOTIVATED5View on Instagram
  • Casher’s Rd at the PBA Lubbock Open and EJ Tackett is currently sitting in 2nd place! He is currently throwing the Primal Rage LE #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • @mariajoserodriguezo bowls in the PWBA Louisville Open Stepladder Finals tonight at 5 pm ET on LIVE on XtraFrame! #GETMOTIVATED8View on Instagram
  • Go @nataliegoodman!!!! #Repost @ejt300
    Look who made the cut at the @pwbatour stop in #louisvilleky!!! I’m not the only one that can bowl 😎😎
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  • Less than a week away! The #REDBALL is back 6/13/2018! #GETMOTIVATED #MOTIVNation9View on Instagram
  • We are excited to announce the addition of Summer Jasmin to our PWBA staff! Summer is an incredibly talented bowler and we are proud to have her as a part of Team MOTIV! #GETMOTIVATED #MOTIVNation6View on Instagram
  • @ejt300 made his first PBA telecast with the original Primal Rage. Now the #REDBALL is back! Get yours 6/13/2018! #GETMOTIVATED22View on Instagram
  • Congratulations to MOTIV Staffers Donald Lee and Maria Jose Rodriguez on winning silver medals at the South American games in Bolivia! #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • Primal Rage LEs are heading your way! Who is picking up this limited edition release when it drops June 13th? #GETMOTIVATED12View on Instagram
  • Who’s pumped for more bowling on TV!? The PBA and Fox Sports have announced their 2019 television schedule, which features 30 telecasts and a new PBA Playoff Series! 🔥10View on Instagram
  • The #REDBALL returns! Five years ago, we released the Primal Rage. Immediately, the bowling world took notice. After winning a PBA title in the first event it was available, many more wins in both professional and amateur events followed. In celebration of the 5 year anniversary, the Primal Rage LE will be available 6/13/2018! #GETMOTIVATED #MOTIVNation21View on Instagram
    More info coming soon! #GETMOTIVATED
    28View on Instagram
  • It's release day for the new Freestyle Rush! Wow - that blue Shock tote bag matches up nice too! 😉11View on Instagram
  • Tomorrow, round one of the PBA Tour Finals will air on the CBS Sports Network at 10 pm ET! #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
    The new Midnight Sniper utilizes TruShot™ Polythane technology, which provides the performance of polyester with the durability of urethane. #GETMOTIVATED
    See more:
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  • Hey there MOTIV Queens! 👸 #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • Round 1 of 2018 USBC Queens is underway now! #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • Filming with @ejt300 📹 #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • Congratulations to Dick Allen and the Silver Lake Atom Splitters on winning their third PBA League Elias Cup Championship! #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • Watch Chris Loschetter and the Hitmen take on Dick Allen and the Atom Splitters in the PBA League Finals this Sunday on ESPN at 1 pm ET! #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • The time is now to #GETMOTIVATED 🔥View on Instagram
  • What MOTIV ball do you think everyone needs to have on their rack? 🔥 #GETMOTIVATED #MOTIVNation85View on Instagram
  • A new Freestyle Rush color option is coming this way! Releasing May 23rd, the Freestyle Rush retains more energy in high friction environments so it can deliver a stronger response down lane. #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • Dick Allen and the Silver Lake Atom Splitters advance to the PBA League Finals where they will take on Chris Loschetter and the Philadelphia Hitmen! #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • @ejt300 getting some quick practice in before the PBA Tour Finals! 🔥🔥🔥 #GETMOTIVATED21View on Instagram
  • This Friday and Saturday, EJ Tackett takes on 7 other PBA superstars to see who is crowned the Tour Finals Champion! 🔥 #GETMOTIVATED #MOTIVNation12View on Instagram
  • Chris Loschetter and the Philadelphia Hitmen are moving on to the quarterfinals of the PBA League! #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • Today on ESPN at 1 PM ET, the PBA League Quarterfinals continue as Chris Loschetter and the Hitmen take on Ryan Ciminelli and the Portland Timbers! #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • Welcome back to the PWBA! Round 1 of the PWBA Las Vegas Open began today! #GETMOTIVATED #MOTIVNationView on Instagram
  • Did you know you can bring your ball back to box finish using our Factory Finish Guide? Click the link in our profile to see more! #GETMOTIVATED #MOTIVNation6View on Instagram
  • Made in Michigan. MOTIVating the world! #MOTIVNation5View on Instagram
  • Congratulations to MOTIV staff member Pontus Andersson won the European Bowling Tour Masters Title! #GETMOTIVATEDView on Instagram
  • Congratulations to MOTIV staff member Kyle Cook on winning his first PBA regional title! MOTIV staff members Chandler Stevens and Graham Fach took 2nd and 3rd place! #GETMOTIVATED #MOTIVNationView on Instagram
  • PBA League qualifying begins today! Who's team is taking home the title? 🏆 #GETMOTIVATED #MOTIVNationView on Instagram
  • A new Freestyle Rush color option is coming this way! Releasing May 23rd, the Freestyle Rush retains more energy in high friction environments so it can deliver a stronger response down lane. Click the link in our profile to see more! #GETMOTIVATED #MOTIVNation7View on Instagram
  • ‪Dick Allen wins the PBA Xtra Frame Maine Shootout and his 5th PBA Title!!! #GETMOTIVATED‬View on Instagram
  • Masters Match Play Day 1 - Highlights50206View on Youtube
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  • Plan of Attack at for the Cheetah Pattern at the 2015 WSOB116144View on Youtube
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