Gary Faulkner Jr Wins PBA World Championship

MOTIV pro Gary Faulkner Jr, in his first television appearance ever, wins the PBA World Championship with confidence and composure.  Gary is only the 2nd African American in bowling history to win a national PBA title.  The first was George Branham III, who is also on MOTIV's staff.  

The PBA World Championship, broadcast live on ESPN December 17, 2015, was a major PBA title.  The players that earned a spot on that show were the best of the best after rolling 66 games of qualifying on 5 different lane patterns.  Of the 5 bowlers that made the live ESPN show, 2 were MOTIV pros - Gary Faulkner Jr and E.J. Tackett, who was seeded first after an impressive run in match play.   Gary first defeated Scott Norton and then Ryan Ciminelli to earn his way into the all-MOTIV title match against Tackett.  

"The first shot I was nervous, but after that I didn’t think about anything,” Faulkner said. “My mind was free. I didn’t watch the other guys. I don’t show a lot of emotions. My goal is always to win; I didn’t come here to lose.

Congratulations Gary Faulkner Jr! We are proud of you! 

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