Power Gel SHINE Bowling Ball Polish - 16 oz.

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Power Gel® SHINE is a ball polish that provides an ultra-high luster polish on any type of bowling ball. Use Power Gel® SHINE to create more length and a faster response to friction.    

  • Easily buffs off the ball.
  • Formulated with premium ingredients.
  • Can be used to restore the factory finish on polished equipment or adjust box finish to provide more length and backend.
  • Rated to provide a 5500 Grit finish. 
  • Available in a 16oz. squeeze bottle. 
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  1. 04/07/2024
    Product Power Gel SHINE Bowling Ball Polish - 16 oz.
    From Willmar, MN
    About Me 15 yrs of age, two hander with 3 years of experience.
    Rating 5.0
    Cleans and makes ball TACKEY

    This is by far the best polish on the market, not only does it give you a nice tacky 5500 grit finish it also seems to clean the ball as well. I used this on my Motiv VIP ExJ Sigma and my spare ball. The Sigma had lost a bit off its finish so I tried this polish on it, and I thought the ball was good before, it's even better now! With being rev dominant ten pins are extremely difficult even with a spare ball. So I put this polish on my spare ball and I haven't missed a ten pin since! If Motiv has a product your thinking about buying, just get it its well worth your money. Motiv is the best bowling company by far, #MOTIVnation

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  2. 04/04/2024
    Product Power Gel SHINE Bowling Ball Polish - 16 oz.
    From Holly, MI
    About Me 190 avg, league bowler, High School Coach
    Rating 4.0
    Works very well, even by hand!

    I finally ordered a bottle of the Power Gel Shine to prep for an upcoming tournament. I wanted to get a cleaner surface on my pearl balls and this does the trick! I started on my Sky Raptor and was impressed. It smoothed out the surface and polished the ball back up to like-new condition. I then worked on my Top Thrill which had fewer shots on it so I was expecting results as good as the Sky Raptor (again, now like-new). I have a Fatal Venom with a lot of use in some pretty rough conditions. The results were better than I expected. There are still some minor marks on the ball but this compound really cleans up a ball and smooths out the surface. I then tried it on my sons Pride Empire which has a ton of games on it and who knows when the last time he cleaned the surface. The results were incredible. I would have expected this results if I had the balls in a polisher, but I did this by hand with two micro-fiber towels (one with the polish, the other dry to wipe off). All-in-all, an outstanding product. I am rating 4 out of 5 simply because of the smell. It is very mild but it has that chemical smell (again, it is very mild, not overwhelming by any means).

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  3. 08/07/2022
    Product Power Gel SHINE Bowling Ball Polish - 16 oz.
    From Valley city, ND
    About Me If I'm not bowling, I'm in my spare bedroom converted to a bowling room cleaning or reviving my bowling balls
    Rating 5.0
    Power gel SHINE 5500

    I like the new Power Gel Shine as I find it easier to apply with microfiber towels than the Power Gel GLOSS. And because it's more of a liquid than a gel, it's easier to shake vigorously and mix up.
    Thank you Motiv for another great product

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  4. 08/07/2022
    Product Power Gel SHINE Bowling Ball Polish - 16 oz.
    From Avonmore, PA
    About Me League and Tournament Bowler
    Rating 5.0
    As advertised!

    Trying out the new polish and it buffs off real easily and puts on a nice gloss shine. I am using mine on a spinner and I'll update with how it affects ball reaction when I get to the lanes.

    I would recommend this to a friend

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