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The Forge™ Ember is the newest performance hybrid from Motiv Bowling.  Built to generate more friction than previous hybrids, the Forge™ Ember combines technology from two very different coverstock systems to deliver a new brand of motion.  Bowlers will find increased strength in the oil without sacrificing down lane motion.  More down lane motion means that the Forge™ Ember will be useful for a longer window during competition.

Inside the Forge™ Ember is the Detonator™ core. The Detonator™ is a stable and strong combination of low RG with high differential.  The fast spinning low RG provides control while the high differential gives traction and strength.  The fast revving Detonator™ is a proven winner on higher volumes of oil. 

Wrapped around the Detonator™ core is the Infusion™ MXC Hybrid Reactive cover.  As already mentioned, this cover combines two very different shells to provide a unique shape.  Traditionally, the most angular motions from MOTIV® were generated using the Infusion™ coverstock system.  Conversely, the coverstocks with the MXC distinction were those with the most mid-lane traction and control.  When combined, bowlers should see significant traction in the oil with more down lane motion than is normally expected from such a strong cover.  

When to Use:

Speed dominant Bowlers: The Forge Ember will serve as an outstanding benchmark ball for bowlers who are speed dominant.  Bowlers with higher speed and/or lower rev rates need more traction on the lane, but for a benchmark still need some down lane motion.  The Forge Ember will provide the reliability and versatility needed from a benchmark or lane reader ball in the bag of a speed dominant player. 

Balanced Bowlers:  Balanced bowlers will use the Forge Ember on higher volume or longer oil patterns and lower friction surfaces when their go-to ball is just a bit too weak to make it back to the pocket.  When the massive asymmetrical balls are too strong or too forward down lane, but the benchmark pieces just can not hook enough, the Forge Ember fits perfectly into the void. 

Rev Dominant Bowlers: For many Rev Dominant bowlers the Forge Ember will be the strongest symmetrical ball they ever need.  Many rev dominant players prefer symmetrical pieces, but there are few with covers strong enough to use on high volumes of oil and fresh patterns.  The most rev dominant bowlers will use the Forge Ember as the first ball in their progression on high concentrations of oil. 

  • Weight
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  • Weight BlockDetonator™ Symmetric
  • Cover StockInfusion™ MXC Hybrid Reactive
  • Finish2000 Grit LSS
  • Weight Range12, 13, 14, 15, 16
  • Length68
  • Backend75
  • Hook70
  • Flare Potential5"+
  • 16

    Radius of Gyration 2.47Max Differential .054
  • 15

    Radius of Gyration 2.47Max Differential .055
  • 14

    Radius of Gyration 2.49Max Differential .054
  • 13

    Radius of Gyration 2.55Max Differential .045
  • 12

    Radius of Gyration 2.62Max Differential .032
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Reviews 4.9 (Based on 28 reviews) Write A Review

  1. 03/04/2023
    Product Forge Ember
    From Cedar Rapids, IA
    About Me 200 average. Slower speed with ~ 370 RPM's
    Rating 4.0
    Controllable Motion

    First one out of the box. Really my benchmark ball. Although I generally do not stay with it. It tells me to either ball up to a Jackal line or down to a Venom line. For me this ball really comes in to play late first game through the second game. I drilled this pin down to smooth out the over/under that I see a lot during transition. When the lanes gets to dry this ball HOOKS. Generally past the 9 pin and then I know it's time to change balls to something goes longer. This is ball keeps me competitive for all 3 games.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  2. 03/03/2023
    Product Forge Ember
    From Holly,MI
    Rating 5.0

    This ball reacts great for me. It has a good back end and hits hard. would recommend having this in your bag.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  3. 02/27/2023
    Product Forge Ember
    From Grand rapids, mi
    Rating 4.0
    Forge Ember

    Very predictable motion and hits hard. My go to ball during transition

    I would recommend this to a friend

  4. 01/14/2023
    Product Forge Ember
    From Omaha, Ne
    Rating 5.0

    Man oh man….does this ball hit HARD!!! With the Detonator core, the pins just explode! I've gotten strikes on shots I should not have thanks to this gem of a ball!

    I would recommend this to a friend

  5. 12/23/2022
    Product Forge Ember
    From Fort Pierce, fl
    About Me League bowler
    Rating 5.0
    A must have

    A must have for every bowler. The most versatile ball that has come out in a long time.

    I would recommend this to a friend

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