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The most sought after crossover in MOTIV® history is here with the introduction of the Primal™ Shock! Combining two of MOTIV®’s greatest releases, the Primal Rage and Venom Shock, the Primal Shock takes the best of both balls to create something truly special. Turmoil MFS cover technology from the Venom Shock and the Impulse V2 core from the Primal Rage combine to provide strong mid-lane traction with plenty of angle down lane. The Primal Shock dominates medium to heavy oil conditions, offering a vast array of options to attack the lanes. This is a can’t miss combination that bowlers have been asking for since 2013!

Turmoil MFS technology has been a benchmark for MOTIV, providing moderate mid-lane traction with plenty of down lane motion. Featured in the longest running MOTIV ball of all time, the Venom Shock, this cover perfectly balances control and aggression. This is the pinnacle of benchmark ball motion.

The Primal Shock takes the ultimate benchmark ball motion found in the Venom Shock and amps up performance by pairing it with the strong Impulse V2 core found in the Primal Rage. This core creates incredibly strong down-lane motion and marks a significant upgrade in overall core strength from the Gear core found in the Venom Shock. When paired with the Turmoil MFS cover, the result is a medium-heavy and moderately angular monster that is a must have in every bag.

When to Use:
Speed Dominant Bowlers - Many speed dominant bowlers are unable to use balls with differentials as low as the Venom Shock. A more dynamic core allows these bowlers to use the same cover stock, but with a motion that suits them. The Primal Shock will be a moderately angular complement to a speed dominant bowler’s benchmark ball. This will be an outstanding first transition ball for bowlers with excessive speed or lower rev rates.

Balanced Bowlers - The Venom Shock is a balanced bowler’s dream. It’s been the benchmark ball for those bowlers for years now and will continue to be. Over the years, many balanced bowlers have said that they’d like a more angular Venom Shock and one that could create more down lane motion. The Primal Shock is that ball.

Rev Dominant Bowlers - The highest rev rate and lowest speed bowlers will use the Primal Shock on fresh oil and high volume patterns when they need to create some angle. Before the rev dominant players can get all the way into the angular pearls, a Primal Shock will allow for easy mid-lane read and moderate angle to start opening up their angles on transitioning lanes.

  • Weight
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  • Weight BlockImpulse™ V2 Symmetric
  • Cover StockTurmoil™ MFS Solid Reactive
  • Finish4000 Grit LSS
  • Weight Range12, 13, 14, 15, 16
  • Length72
  • Backend84
  • Hook70
  • Flare Potential5"+
  • 16

    Radius of Gyration 2.54Max Differential .049
  • 15

    Radius of Gyration 2.55Max Differential .050
  • 14

    Radius of Gyration 2.56Max Differential .054
  • 13

    Radius of Gyration 2.60Max Differential .055
  • 12

    Radius of Gyration 2.67Max Differential .040
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Reviews 5.0 (Based on 74 reviews) Write A Review

  1. 05/26/2023
    Product Primal Shock
    From Mesa, AZ
    About Me 200+ Avg League Bowler, 2-3 Leagues A Week
    Rating 5.0
    Worthy of the Shock Name

    The Primal Shock by itself is an amazing ball. Very versatile, handles a lot of different lane situations well, and it really lives up to the hype combining the Impulse V2 Core and the Turmoil coverstock. I can play up the lane with this ball or swing it out right and everything in between. It carries amazingly well for me and really just finishes strong no matter what. It doesn't ever feel like this ball quits even as I move further and further left.

    That being said, this ball provides a perfect pairing with the Venom Shock as well. I love having them both in the bag because I can switch relatively easily between the two without guessing what the move is. Typically the Primal goes a little longer and finishes stronger for me, so it creates a lot of options for how to attack the lanes. Lately I've found that starting with the Venom Shock until I've either moved too far left to carry or the carrydown is creating a weaker finish then allows me to perfectly transition into the Primal and start punching out those ten pins or grinding through the carry down.

    Overall, a great ball that should work well for nearly anybody. A huge addition to the Motiv line, this one is gonna see time on the lanes for a LONG time.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  2. 05/24/2023
    Product Primal Shock
    From Mandeville, La.
    About Me 8 year bowler started at 67 years old, speed dominant 14 mph
    Rating 5.0
    Primal Shock

    Love the ball just have to be careful to stay speed dominant; over turning results in direct headpin hits which is understandable. As long as I maintain a smooth release, hit my mark and use appropriate speed this excellent ball does the rest.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  3. 05/18/2023
    Product Primal Shock
    From Florence, SC
    About Me Im just an old man that loves to bowl
    Rating 5.0
    Has the ability/versatility to change your game!

    BLUF (bottom line up front)
    Ball has me playing a “zone” left of my Venom Shock (drilled the same) and is as responsive as a PRIMAL apex predator on the hunt; striking fear in the pins with the SHOCK of its impact. Last night in league I had an 84 year old man sitting next to me, he leans over half way through the first game and says, “…your ball hits different than anyone else out here, I can hear your ball hit the pins and its crisp and loud, and I don’t hear that from these young people’s balls…I like it.”

    Now for the story
    I am or at least like to think I am competitive when it comes to bowling; unfortunately my average has been in steady decline for the last three years. So much so that this is the first year that I have finished a season with less than a 200+ average in any of my leagues. When the release of this ball was announced I decided that this summer I would add versatility to my game, at the age of 53 (old dog new tricks), and learn to play in other areas of the lane. Currently my arsenal(s) are set up to allow me to play one area (high friction surface low volume THS) and all I do is ball down or up accordingly that area for the house I bowl in is 12 to 8 at the arrows with the ball at 8 to 3 at the break point, what I call zone 2.

    Gutter to first arrow is zone 1 for me, first arrow to second arrow is zone 2 and second arrow to third arrow is zone 3, etc. The house I am in zone two is the track.

    My Primal Shock(s), there is a story behind why there is two of them, were drilled just like my Venom Shock (45 X 4 ½ X 45) this layout gives me with most cover core combinations a little miss room right in the dry and hold in the wet (miss inside) and still gets me to the pocket with force. The layout above provides me with a continuous shape (banana).

    With my first Primal Shock I could get through about ½ to ¾ of the first game before it would start running high or going Brooklyn in the track area of the lane. So the move for me was always back (start at the front set of dots, move half way back between the dots, finish heel on the back set of dots on the approach) to increase speed (forward momentum); but half-way through game two change balls.

    I only had 7 games on my first Primal Shock when it cracked; my online PSO gave me what I wanted which was the layout identified above which resulted in half the pin being drilled out. 55 days after purchase crack. PSO replaced it, I had the second one drilled the exact same way, but this time I had them put the pin completely in my ring finger.

    Tournament night for the money league and I start with the Primal Shock, lanes appeared to be fried after the third frame. I was already standing on the back of the approach and this Primal Shock with that BIG Impulse V2 core was just chewing the lane up; you could see that Neon Green NeoMark logo revving up and turning into a green streak going around the ball. I think I was a clean 188 so I decided to start my summer practice early.

    Moved back up (front dots) on the approach changed my target to 15 at the arrows, 6 at the break point (laydown probably around 24) POCKET with authority (a shot I am not comfortable throwing). Here I have, and you could too, a big block ball that was now even cleaner through the heads, visually picking up revs, and making a hard pronounced move to the pocket with plenty of continuation through the deck; second game 266 clean. Now my performance wasn’t good enough to move my team on in the single elimination format, but it was good enough to give me the confidence I have never had in a bowling ball before when it comes to playing what I call inside (for my game). This ball is going to show you what to do, its gonna tell you to let it eat or get behind it that cover core combination is going to do the work, you just got to get it close.

    Now I talked a lot and if you have read this far I appreciate you. What I want you to take away from this is that if you are a down an in bowler this ball is going to change your game. The layout I used above is a continuous shape for me (banana) and I can play the lanes with that shape but I can also jump inside, with that layout on this ball, and the shape changes dramatically it makes a sharp move back to the pocket (hockey stick). My Venom Shock on the same inside line would come up light in the 1-3 or worse go through the face on the 3 pin leaving a wash out. Last night in league I had an 84 year old man sitting next to me, he leans over half way through the first game and says, “…your ball hits different than anyone else out here, I can hear your ball hit the pins and its crisp and loud, and I don’t hear that from these young people’s balls…I like it.”

    I would recommend this to a friend

  4. 05/16/2023
    Product Primal Shock
    From Macomb,mi
    About Me League and local tournament bowler 65yo
    Rating 5.0
    Primal shock

    I've been a Storm guy forever, but I won a raffle from local pro shop at my center and he wanted me to try the Primal Shock. He thought it would fit my game. Being it was free, I agreed and he punched it up for be. Well, he was right, first game out of the box was 279, with a 689 series. Next three outings were all low 700's. So, needless to say, I'm sold on this Motiv product.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  5. 05/03/2023
    Product Primal Shock
    From Wappingers, NY
    About Me 2 handed bowler
    Rating 5.0
    Primal Shock

    Never had a ball fit my arsenal so well. Had one drilled right before a tournament and I had eyes on me all week long. Had a 6 game series of 1408. Ball shaped so well down the lane and snapped into the pocket. Would 1000% recommend having a Primal in everyone's arsenal

    I would recommend this to a friend

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