Desert Tank

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6/17/2020 (Retired 5/27/2021)

The pearl Desert Tank™ is yet another incredible ball featuring new Microcell Polymer technology, which provides the motion of urethane with the continuation of reactive resin. 

Featuring a pearl version of the Frixon+ Microcell Polymer cover stock used on the Tank Blitz, the Desert Tank™ maneuvers powerfully in lighter oil volumes.  And to help provide an even smoother motion than the Covert Tank™, the low differential Flux™ core design has been deployed to tame track flare.

The cover, core, and the 2000 Grit LSS finish all come together on the Desert Tank™ to provide a weapon that is dialed in for a controllable motion on high friction lane conditions.  Speed-dominant bowlers will really appreciate the performance attributes of this release.    


  • Weight
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  • Weight BlockFlux™ Symmetric
  • Cover StockFrixion+™ Pearl Microcell Polymer
  • Finish2000 Grit LSS
  • Weight Range14, 15, 16
  • Length47
  • Backend53
  • Hook40
  • Flare Potential2"+
  • 16

    Radius of Gyration 2.57Max Differential .013
  • 15

    Radius of Gyration 2.57Max Differential .015
  • 14

    Radius of Gyration 2.57Max Differential .018
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Reviews 4.9 (Based on 18 reviews) Write A Review

  1. 10/31/2020
    Product Desert Tank
    From Perry Hall, Maryland
    Rating 5.0
    Desert Tank

    This ball is unbelievable!!! I'm on staff and I've never seen a ball part urethane and part resin react the way this ball does. I can keep on moving left and keep on getting a strong ball reaction. This ball will always be in my bag!!

    I would recommend this to a friend

  2. 10/22/2020
    Product Desert Tank
    From Las Vegas, NV
    Rating 5.0
    Microcell Polymer Homerun

    Back in 2018, Motiv had its first test-drive event out here in Las Vegas. I was lucky enough to meet local Motiv Staffer Luis Napoles and he got a chance to see me throw some of the equipment. He recommend that I give the Tank Blitz a go. I absolutely loved that motion and feel of the Tank Blitz.

    Fast forward almost two years, and after talking to Luis and watching his Youtube videos, he recommend I get into the Desert Tank. WOAH!!! It was completely different feel from the Blitz, but it filled a slot in my arsenal that I didn't know I needed.

    It shapes way more than urethane, but offers control of the pocket like traditional urethane. This ball is great for me on drier conditions or even on heavier patterns where I can create a friction spot on the outside because I know the reaction I am going to get it from it.

    Also, the Microcell Polymer surface takes to surface changes very it makes it a very unique piece to have in the bag.

    Stats -
    Left Handed
    PAP 2 9/16" over 3/8" Up
    Axis Tile - Unknown.

    Just a regular bowler that loves the Motiv brand.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  3. 10/06/2020
    Product Desert Tank
    From Mount Laurel, New Jersey
    Rating 5.0
    Desert Tank

    At first i wasn't sure how this ball would fit for me because i've never thrown urethane or anything like it before. I have to say it is PERFECT for me when the lanes are either burnt up or the house shot is on the dry side. For me it rolls very well and is STRONG through the pins like a TANK. I am really glad i picked one of these up.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  4. 09/22/2020
    Product Desert Tank
    From Kansas City, MO
    Rating 5.0
    Take Control!

    65 x 5” x 40

    If you are looking for a urethane-shaped reaction but still want something that bites through the pin deck a bit harder, the MOTIV Desert Tank is what you want to have. Continuing the success of the Microcell Polymer technology from the previous two Tanks, this iteration takes the strength of the cover to a new level while adding more control with a higher RG, lower differential core. The nature of MCP, along with the 2000 grit LSS finish, provides the traction and continuation you would like from a lower-volume ball while the Flux core (2.57RG, .015Diff) gives the most control of any MCP ball to date due to its low differential. By lowering the flare potential of this ball, the Desert Tank provides the most urethane-like shape that is not a true urethane. Urethane shape but with MCP technology provides good hitting power longer through the day as the lanes get scorched, or you need ultimate control on a low volume.
    Based upon my observations above, I laid my Desert Tank out with a longer pin, lower flaring layout so that as the lanes break down I could move myself back right and have something that is clean and smooth through the track. While the cover does take a game or so to be broken in (this was hooking a solid five feet sooner on the lane than my Forge Fire out of the box!), once there it has lived up to its hype. On a typical league night for myself, game three is a crap shoot between getting ridiculously left and wide open or just trying to control the pocket and make your spares. This Tank has allowed me to throw those options out of the window for a far superior one. The nature of this ball does not make it jump the moment it finds dry which means that I have been able to square back up and play less volatile angles. The MCP coverstock also retains exceptional hitting power, so even though the reaction shape is smooth and controlled, the pin action and carry is up there with true reactive shells. The only times I run into danger with this ball is when there is too much oil up front, meaning there is no way for traction to be gained until after the pattern, or when I attempt to open up my angles too much, trying to make it work harder on the backend than it is designed for.

    Trent Overbey
    In the Zone Pro Shop
    MOTIV Staff

    I would recommend this to a friend

  5. 09/17/2020
    Product Desert Tank
    From Muncie, Indiana
    Rating 5.0
    Desert Tank Review

    This is Motiv's newest Microcell polymer ball. It features the strongest cover of the three microcell polymer Tanks, but with a smaller core that allows this ball to get further down lane than the Blitz, and shape more like a traditional urethane ball than the Covert Tank. The desert tank is best suited for shorter patterns when urethane is in play, but what is unique about this ball is the fact you can move in and shape it without the loss in carry you'll see from traditional urethane.

    I have personally found this ball to be quite versatile on house patterns. I can play up the track area at the beginning of the night and migrate inside without carry issues once the transition starts happening. The cover + core combination on the Desert Tank allows to play a variety of shots without issue.

    If you are looking for a traditional urethane motion with more versatility, the Desert Tank will suit your needs. It fills a gap in my arsenal to where I don't have to use traditional urethane, and can still strike with ease.

    I would recommend this to a friend

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