Ripcord Launch

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One of the most important balls in any bowler’s bag is an angular “skid-flip” polished ball for medium oil.  One that gets through the front part of the lane with ease and lunges toward the pocket when it hits friction on the backend.  The Ripcord™ Launch is a gorgeous pearl that nails that performance target perfectly. 

It’s the first ball in the Ripcord™ series to utilize the incredibly strong Propulsion™ cover technology.  MOTIV® tuned it to get the length and response to friction needed, creating the new Propulsion MVP Pearl Reactive.  Utilizing this new cover, the Ripcord™ Launch handles the oil better than any previous Ripcord™ without sacrificing angularity. 

The core inside is a special density-modified symmetrical Torx™ V2.  It has a super-compact design and fills an essential position in the line because it has both a moderate RG and differential.  This gives the Ripcord™ Launch a very powerful down-lane shape and impressive backend hitting power on medium oil patterns that begin to break down.    

The motion of this beautiful ball is tuned with a 5500 Grit Laser-Scanned, Polished (LSP) finish at the factory using Power Gel® Shine.  This gives the Ripcord™ Launch easy length and a snappy backend reaction. 

When to Use

Speed Dominant - Bowlers who fit into this category will use the Ripcord Launch as their higher friction performance pearl.  This is the ball to use when creating angle on higher friction environments and toward the end of tournament blocks.  For the most part, speed dominant players do not need a lot of exceedingly clean balls in their bag, so a benchmark core with a strong pearl cover is a great option for creating angle on friction for these bowlers. 

Balanced Bowlers - For balanced bowlers a middle of the bag pearl is absolutely essential.  Higher friction house shots necessitate this type of pearl as do most tournament progressions on moderate to longer oil tournament patterns.  The versatility of the Torx V2 is an added bonus for balanced bowlers as it will allow for more drilling options for diversity of use. 

Rev Dominant Bowlers - The most rev dominant bowlers often need cleaner and more angular balls due to their rev rate creating early friction.  For this reason, the players who are most rev dominant need to be invested in balls from the right side of the ball chart that make angular motion.  The Ripcord Launch could serve as a go-to ball for rev dominant bowlers who compete in a high friction environment because of the benchmark type core paired with a clean and angular coverstock. 

  • Weight
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  • Weight BlockTorx V2
  • Cover StockPropulsion MVP Pearl Reactive
  • Finish5500 Grit LSP
  • Weight Range12, 13, 14, 15, 16
  • Length73
  • Backend88
  • Hook58
  • Flare Potential5"+
  • 16

    Radius of Gyration 2.49Max Differential .048
  • 15

    Radius of Gyration 2.51Max Differential .048
  • 14

    Radius of Gyration 2.53Max Differential .048
  • 13

    Radius of Gyration 2.57Max Differential .041
  • 12

    Radius of Gyration 2.64Max Differential .029
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Reviews 5.0 (Based on 8 reviews) Write A Review

  1. 11/28/2022
    Product Ripcord Launch
    From Severn, MD
    About Me THB
    Rating 5.0
    The Best Ripcord YET!

    I owned the original Ripcord and used it a decent bit. The ball worked quite well for me. I almost picked up a velocity but decided I'd wait to see what came along next. The Ripcord Launch was instantly appealing to me. I like the Torx core better than the Oblivion core so I was excited to see how it performed for me. I also loved the colors/design of the cover stock. I have used it for about 10 games and I'm very impressed with the length and back end on this ball. The ball retains energy well and drives hard. The Torx core creates a wonderful shape for me and seems to fit my game well. Now I just need another solid with the sigma core to pair with it :D

    I would recommend this to a friend

  2. 11/28/2022
    Product Ripcord Launch
    From Raleigh, NC
    About Me Motiv Staff
    Rating 5.0
    Curve It....Launch It!!!

    First off, this ball looks awesome just sitting there! I’ve always liked the Rip Cord line so I was excited to see what this ball has in store. I have mine drilled pin up with a smaller VAL angle. This allows me to use the designed cover intent, to get down the lane, then have a sharper move down lane. I like using this ball on dryer house patterns. If I need more length from a Venom Shock this is the ball of choice. It gets noticeably further down lane than anything I’m currently throwing. When you need to curve ‘em, get this in your hand ASAP!

    I would recommend this to a friend

  3. 11/23/2022
    Product Ripcord Launch
    From Muncie, Indiana
    Rating 5.0
    Ripcord Launch Review

    The Ripcord Launch is the newest ball in our line and fits in the medium oil angular category. Another fantastic release from Motiv Bowling.  Bowlers will find this ball stronger in the oil than the Ripcord Velocity with still having a fast down lane motion. I’ve found the Ripcord Launch super useable when the lane opens up and you’re forced to play steeper angles.
    The Ripcord Launch has the Torx V2 core. The Torx V2 core gives the Ripcord Launch a strong and quick down lane motion for medium volumes of oil.
    The Ripcord Launch has the Propulsion MVP pearl reactive technology, the Ripcord Launch is designed to create downlane motion in medium oil.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  4. 11/21/2022
    Product Ripcord Launch
    From San Mateo,CA
    About Me Motiv Staffer
    Rating 5.0
    The ball that goes to the edge and slaps the pocket!

    One of the best continuous rolling balls in my bag! The RipCord Launch gives me the ability to migrate left and feed the ball out to the friction. Fresh out of the box or with a number of games on it, this ball rolls very clean and its angular motion allows me to have some miss room on the lanes.

    I would recommend this to a friend

  5. 11/18/2022
    Product Ripcord Launch
    From District Heights, MD
    About Me Jays Pro Shop
    Rating 5.0
    Ready to Launch!!!

    Hand: Right-Handed
    Ball Weight: 15 lbs.
    Rev Rate: 500 RPM
    Ball Speed: 18 Mph
    Tilt: 10
    Rotation: 45
    PAP: 5.125” over and .125” up

    The Rip Cord Launch is the newest addition to the Rip Cord line. It has the Torx V2 core in it. One of my favorite cores. This core revs up very easily and creates a unreal down lane shape. This ball gets the front part of effortlessly and continues through the mid-lane. When this ball sees friction, the Launch bounces off the friction like a boomerang. I use this ball when I have a ton of friction to the right and when the front part of the lane is bone dry. This ball comes under the Iron Forge when the Iron Forge starts up early I go to the Launch and stay in the same zone.

    I would recommend this to a friend

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